Born and raised in Seattle, Susanna Orr inherited her love of food and very sharp knives from her grandfather, who was probably not supposed to teach her how to peel apples before she could read. At the age of 10, after enduring one too many bad buffet dinners on the way home from swim practice, Susanna decided to take matters into her own hands and began preparing dinner for her family on a regular basis. There was a LOT of buttered pasta involved in the first year as she did not taste anything so exotic as marina sauce until middle school.

A freelance writer and food stylist living in Anchorage, Susanna’s tastes continue to evolve as she aims to expose her family and friends to the flavors of the world while keeping a focus on locally sourced ingredients. She is constantly in search for something new to do with all the fish in her freezer, frequently loses half of her garden to moose, and firmly believes that someday her son will eat something other than Cheerios and chicken nuggets.

Susanna is the creator of www.blueteaspoon.com, which chronicles her family’s culinary adventures and aims to inspire others to break out of their own rut around the dinner table.